Ravi Shanghavi

Property Developer, Project Management, Computing Specialist: Based in Ottawa, Ontario.

IT Architecture

Extensive work experience for big-name firms, such as HP.

Property Development

Building Custom Homes in Ottawa, Ontario.

Project Management

Accredited Project Management Professional

About Ravi

Experienced, conscientious, and professional.
A precision problem solver with a drive for success.

Ravi Shanghavi, of Ottawa, is a seasoned expert in computing, and is now President at Antilia Homes: Ottawa's premier custom homes builder. He has been hired by big-name businesses like HP where he has demonstrated his excellence in fields such as Virtualization, Cloud Computing and IT Architecture. Further to this, Ravi has a wealth of Project Management experience, and is accredited as a Project Management Professional to this end. Ravi Shanghavi holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree, awarded by the Edinburgh Business School. This is in addition to Ravi’s extensive list of qualifications that he has accumulated via roles such as Line Manager at Nokia, Executive Support Analyst for HP and Project Manager at Antilia.

  • Certified Professional

  • Years of experience

  • Years of experience

  • President at Antilia Homes

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