April 19, 2015

Antilia Homes

Ravi Shanghavi of Ottawa is President of Antilia Homes

Antilia Homes is a property development and management agency – operating primarily in the Ottawa region. Take a look at this excerpt from the ‘About’ page to learn more:

Whether you are looking for a 3-bedroom family home in the leafy suburbs, or a 12-unit commercial lot in the heart of Ottawa, the team at Antilia Homes can help you. Due to our diverse portfolio of work, we have a wealth of combined experience in the project management of all sorts of new-builds and renovations, meaning we are in an excellent position to take on new challenges; and ultimately make your property dreams a reality.

We offer a bespoke service, and only take on a small number of projects simultaneously in order to ensure that your property receives a high level of attention. Right through from architectural drawings, to the installation of interior features and furnishings, the team at Antilia Homes will be helping you.

So, let our team of highly-experienced and qualified project managers make your dreams a reality – contact us now.

Get a feel for Antilia Homes by viewing some of the properties.